Wooden Flagpole 2400mm x 28mm

2400mm x 28mm Indoor Wooden Flagpole
Indoor Wooden Flagpole Sizes - 1800mm and 2400mm
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Wooden Flagpole for Indoor Display

Indoor Wooden Pole for flag displays, the finial can be unscrewed for easy installation of flag by sliding the sewn in pocket down the pole and then screw the finial back into place. Choose a flag with a 'vertical sleeve' finish to use on these types of indoor poles.

This pole is 2800mm in length and 28mm in diameter, flags no larger than 1800 x 900mm can be used, any larger will drag on the gound. Smaller sized pole also available, in 1800mm x 28mm (requires smaller flag). 

Please note that flags and bases are not included and must be purchased separately.

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