• Materials

    Fully sewn flags are our specialty, made from durable woven polyester. Printed polyester is also available for all flag designs.

  • Sizes

    The most common display size is 1830mm x 915mm (2 yard) on a 6m flagpole.

  • Protocols

    National flags should always be flown according to government protocols regarding raising, lowering, flying, and disposing of the flag.

  • Care

    Caring for your flag properly can reduce wear and tear and extend your flag's lifespan.

    Flag Care 
  • Lifespan

    A flag's lifespan is heavily dependent on weather and care.

  • Flagpoles

    The traditional relationship of flag size to the height it flies is one yard of flag (horizontal dimension) to every 3m of pole.

    Flagpole Information 
  • Artwork Format

    We prefer Adobe Illustrator, .eps or .ai, but if you do not have this, we can work with whatever files you send.

  • Double Sided Flags

    We can produce them where necessary, using special techniques to keep them light enough to fly.

  • Proportions

    We can make foreign national flags to official proportions as well as the Australian standard 2:1 size.

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