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National Flags

Buy your National Flags online from Flags of All Nations. Our flags are 100% Australian Made and are locally made by us, here in Queensland. Flags of All Nations specialise in fully sewn flags, where the design is appliqued on to woven polyester material, but also have printed options available as well.

What is a national flag? National flags are a flag design unique to the country it represents and are used to symbolise that country by being flown by the government and its people. The colours and designs of the flags are to show patriotism, and colours tend to represent the colours of the people, the land, the national emblems and other items unique to the specific country. One of the original uses of flags was by the military, used as field signs to identify friend from foe.

One of the oldest flags in the world is the Flag of Scotland, which dates back to 832AD, during a battle fought in the dark ages. This flag is also known as the St Andrews' Cross, the Scottish Saltire or just the saltire. This flag is said to represent Saint Andrew, who is said to have been crucified on a cross in the same shape as shown on the flag.

Some other ancient flags are the Austrian flag, dating back to 1230, the Latvia flag which dates back to 1280, and flag of Denmark from 1307 and the Albanian flag from 1443.

Our flags are finished with a loop at the top and bottom of the flag, to be used with clips to attach and run up a flag pole. The flags are 100% Australian made and come in a fully sewn option, where the flag is made from woven polyester and the design is appliqued on. Alternatively, there is a printed option which is finished on knitted polyester. Clips are included with the flag for your convenience.

We can also custom make flags and banners for you, please contact us for a quote or to ask any questions you may have regarding our flags, made to order options or our foyer displays.