Banners - Made to Order

Made to Order Banners

We offer a custom-made banner option - this entails either the customer providing us with artwork, or we are able to create something for you in consultation with our designers. Please contact us if you would like to discuss having a custom banner made for you.

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Once the banner design is complete, our customer is shown a proof prior to production to be signed-off, ensuring we get the best results possible.

Once these design steps are completed, the banner to be produced is most often a fully sewn, appliqued, one-sided item on Lustalene banner cloth - which is a close-weave material with excellent dimensional stability. This “one-sided” banner is lined with the same material on the back.

  • The design is most often a logo, a name, and sometimes a motto, and this is produced by tracing the design on coloured cloth from a pattern produced by computer, one colour at a time. The first colour is pinned onto the banner, and the machinist sews around the image before cutting away the waste. Then the next colour is pinned on, sewn, cut back, and so on until we have built up the full colour montage. This is called applique in flag and banner making.

Accordingly, this is a labor-intensive process which accounts for the quoted price, but the result is a superb quality item that will last.

We also have more budget friendly options available if a fully sewn banner is not a viable option, which is a detail we will cover in the design process.

In addition to fully-sewn, we can also embroider onto the banner for you. Unlike applique, which is a process of sewing areas of cloth to produce the required image, embroidery is done by filling in the image with masses of stitches. Modern embroidery machines can produce a very fine job, and if the embroidered area is modest, so is the cost.

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