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How to Buy a Long Life Flag and Get Best Value

Superb Quality Long Life Flags Available Here at Best Value

A full description of the flag industry and how different materials and manufacturing methods affect flag life and costWhen you go to buy a flag, “Quality” is an easy word to say, but it can mean a lot of different things in the world flags. You want a flag to run up a flagpole that won’t shake itself to death in weeks. Right?

Buying a flag can be quite confusing when you would like some measure of value, to be sure that what you are getting is exactly what you want and need. And what you can buy at a fair price.

We have been manufacturing flags, banners and flagpoles in Brisbane since 1989 and are intimately aware of the characteristics of all products in the banner flag market, and can provide you with prior knowledge of what you can expect when you choose a particular product.

All flags are different, but the difference is not easy to see by sight, nor understand by description. That’s where the Flag Quality Index comes in. It puts you in control of what you are buying.

Your Quick Guide to Choose the Right One

Use the Flag Quality Index

The Flags of All Nations Flag Quality Index is a proven measure of characteristics you may want in your purchase, so that you can choose the most desirable flag type.

its ability to fly in light breezes
how long it will last
its look
its feel
its value as a prestige item
its measure of public respect
and its personal satisfaction to you
Some of these measures appear subjective, but are the result of 25 years in the flag industry paying careful attention to customers’ comments, plus our own extensive experience.

So the Flag Quality Index will give you a sound practical basis to buy a flag for your particular purpose, from us or anybody else.

Composite Flags

A Spectacular New Flag Development

4 Years field testing and now a Great New Innovation Added to Flag Technology

Combines Complex Designs
Long Life
Extreme Economy
This great addition to flag technology uses the flexibility and economy of digital printing combined with the ruggedness of heavy duty polyester flag bunting. The result is a flag costing only a little more than a short life digital print, and lasting as long as a top quality fully sewn appliqued flag.

The technique is suitable for complex designs, not for simple uncomplicated flags. If the logo is highly detailed, requiring many hours work if appliqued and therefore of high cost, the Composite Technique is ideal.

Composite flags can only now be generally offered. They have been field tested now for over four years and passed with flying colours (pardon the pun). The use of a digitally printed logo sewn front and back on a quality bunting flag body does not compare with the superb traditional fully appliqued flag, but when the flag must come within budget constraints, the Composite Flag has to be seriously considered.