Flag Poles and Indoor Poles

Flags of All Nations offers various outdoor and indoor flagpole types to suit your needs. Continue reading to learn the differences between our flagpole models, plus learn our recommended method for rigging your flagpole at home!

Standard 6m outdoor flagpole

premium one-piece flagpole

6m Outdoor Flagpole

Our 6m Outdoor Poles are made of a powder-coated aluminium with a white finish and external halyard. These poles can be installed by a handyman and are designed to be permanently fixed with concrete. Suitable for industrial and home use.

We can arrange installation of these poles for a fee. If you would like to check your eligibility, contact us today to discuss.

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6m Flagpole with Aus Flag Set

easy three-piece flagpole

6m DIY Flagpole

Our 6m DIY Poles are made of anodised aluminium and come in three easy-to-assemble pieces, equipped with all necessary accessories. While these poles are not suitable for industrial use, they are perfect for home use and can be installed without a professional.

You can also purchase these flagpoles with the Australian or Aboriginal flag included for a special bundle price.

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perfect for foyer displays

Indoor Flagpoles

Elegant and beautifully finished with a walnut stain, our indoor poles are used for both free-standing foyer displays and wall-mounted displays. These poles come in various sizes including 1.8m and 2.4m heights, as well as 28mm or 32mm diameter to suit your flagpole setup.

Paired with a wooden or metal base, these poles can be dressed with any of our 1.5 or 2 Yard flags to create the perfect customised display for your space.

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for banner displays or parades

T-Bar Banner Poles

T-Bar Pole Units present your banner attractively for use as a free-standing display or held proudly in a parade. These poles are easy to assemble and pack away for transport and are made from high quality, walnut stained hardwood.

These poles can be made to suit various banner sizes depending on your needs.

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How to Rig a Flagpole

While there are various ways to rig a flagpole, we will outline our recommended method below.

The easiest way to rig a flagpole (without risk of your clips flying to the top of your pole out of reach) is to create an endless loop with your flagpole rope. Our Standard 6m Flagpoles are sold already rigged in this way for your convenience.

1. Loop your rope through the pulley at the top of the flagpole and, holding both ends, measure 0.5m below the centre of the cleat and trim.

2. Splice both ends of your rope through the centre of one flag clip. This clip will now be the "fixed clip" of your flagpole.

3. Loop on the "adjustable clip" at a distance from the fixed clip so that when your flag is flown, it will be held firmly. You can do this by looping the rope through the centre of your clip then looping back over the entire clip. Be sure to tighten the rope so that your clip is held firmly.

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