Flag Repairs

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Is your Flag Frayed or Damaged?

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Some Helpful tips for caring for your flag:

  • Allow it to fly free without touching obstructions, foliage, structures, as to do so will shorten its life. Natural wear in a flag occurs when the flag “whips” in the wind, allowing the fibers in the weave to rub against themselves in the same way that a garment wears in a laundry tumble dryer.
  • Do not pack it away wet. Atmospheric pollution collects in a flag and this will smell if the flag is left wet when packed. After wet weather simply continue to fly the flag and let it air dry.
  • Bring the flag in during stormy weather and/or excessive winds. Strong winds increase a flag’s natural whipping action which will increase the rate of wear. In stormy weather, the flag will be full of water which increases the stress on the fabric in violent wind gusts. This is particularly the case with large flags flown on high flagpoles.
  • If your flag is caught in a storm, it is advisable to check it for wear and return it to Flags of All Nations for maintenance repair. If there is damage to the flag, what could be a simple and low cost job to fix is almost certain to lead to accelerated wear if not attended to.
  • Launder or dry clean it when soiled. Flags made by Flags of All Nations are safe to dry clean. Suggested method to launder is to immerse the flag in a bucket of hot rich laundry powder solution and let it stand for about three days. Then put it through a normal machine cycle. The original colours will not be fully restored because of the UV effect, but they will still look brighter and cleaner than before cleaning.