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Uganda Flag
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The Uganda flag design was adopted in 1962 which was the date Uganda became independent from the United Kingdom. The flag was changed from a British Ensign defaced with the colonial badge over to the current design, which consists of six equal bands of black, yellow and red running horizontally. In the centre of the field is a white disc charged with the national emblem, which is a grey crowned crane, facing the hoist side. 

Symbolically, the black is for the African people, yellow for the African sunshine, and red being the colour of the African brotherhood - being the colour of blood, through which all African people are connected. The crane was the the military badge of the Ugandan soldiers during the British rule, and it is also revered for its gentle nature. The cranes raised leg is for the forward movement of the country.

Our World flags are finished with a loop at the top and bottom of the flag to be used with clips to attach to the rope and run up a flag pole. Clips are included with the flag for your convenience.

The flags come in a range of sizes for you to choose from, select your size from the drop down menu.
We can make flags to your specifications such as a custom design or vertical sleeve finish, please contact us for a quote.

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