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Air Force Ensign (RAAF) Handwaver Flag

Air Force Ensign (RAAF) Handwaver Flag

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Note: The Air Force Ensign is not available for use by the public. The use of Defence flags is restricted under the Defence Act 1903 s83(3). Permission letter is required to purchase this flag (RSL's are exempt and may purchase without a letter). Please contact us and we will approve your order once we verify you have a permission letter.

This Air Force Ensign (RAAF) Handwaver is a hand flag printed on a single side of knitted polyester 300mm x 150mm in size. The design bleeds through the fabric to create a mirror image on the other side.

This product comes with a wooden stick glued to the header of the flag and can also be used as a desk flag by purchasing a base here. You can create combinations of anywhere from 1 to 5 flags with the bases we offer. We also stock pre-made desk sets at a discounted price.

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