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Palau Flag
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Palau Flag - This flag was adopted in January 1981, when Palau separated from the United Nations Trust Territory. The design of the Palau flag consists of a light blue field with a yellow disc off-centre to the hoist side. Like other flags of the Pacific Islands, the blue represents the Ocean, however the light golden disc represents the full moon, and not the sun like it does with most other flags. The moon is a symbol of love, peace and tranquility. The full moon is considered to by the optimum time for human activity, and at this time of the month there are celebrations, fishing, sowing, harvesting and carving of traditional Palau canoes carried out.

Our World flags are finished with a loop at the top and bottom of the flag to be used with clips to attach to the rope and run up a flag pole. Clips are included with the flag for your convenience.

The flags come in a range of sizes for you to choose from, select your size from the drop down menu. We can make flags to your specifications such as a custom design or vertical sleeve finish, please contact us for a quote.

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