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Mauritania Flag
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Mauritania Flag - The current design was adopted in 2017 and is only slightly different to its predecessor - with red stripes having been added to the top and bottom of the flag. The overall design is a green field with a golden upwards pointing crescent and star in the centre, with the aforementioned top and bottom red stripes.
These stripes were added after a referendum was held by President Mohamed Ould Abel Aziz to change the flag and made other constitutional amendments. This was successful and the new flag created. Symbolically the flag is said to represent 'the efforts and sacrifices that the people of Mauritania will keep consenting, to the price of their blood, to defend their territory'.
Green, gold and red are considered to be Pan-African colours, with green symbolising Islam, gold for the sand of the Sahara, and red for the blood of the people. The crescent and star are also symbols of Islam, which is Mauritania's state religion.

Our World flags are finished with a loop at the top and bottom of the flag to be used with clips to attach to the rope and run up a flag pole. Clips are included with the flag for your convenience.

The flags come in a range of sizes for you to choose from, select your size from the drop down menu.
We can make flags to your specifications such as a custom design or vertical sleeve finish, please contact us for a quote.

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