Grenada Flag

Grenada Flag
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Grenada Flag - this design was adopted in 1974. It consists of a rectangle with red boarder, with 6 gold stars (3 in the top boarder and 3 in the bottom boarder). The middle of the Grenada flag is divided into 4 triangles - 2 gold and 2 green, with a red disc containing a yellow star in the centre of the triangles. To the left (hoist side) of the flag there is a nutmeg leaf in red and gold.

The 6 stars represent the country's 6 parishes, while the middle star represents Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The nutmeg leaf is to represent the principal crop of Grenada. The colour symbolism is red is for courage and vitality, gold for wisdom and warmth, while green is for vegetation and agriculture.

Our Grenada flags are finished with a loop at the top and bottom of the flag to be used with clips to attach to the rope and run up a flag pole. Clips are included with the flag for your convenience.

The flags come in a range of sizes for you to choose from, select your size from the drop down menu.
We can make flags to your specifications such as a custom design or vertical sleeve finish, please contact us for a quote.

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