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Australian Flag (Printed)

Australian Flag (Printed)

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The Australian National Flag comes in two finishes, header and loops designed for use on outdoor flagpoles or hooks, and sleeve finish suited for indoor flagpoles.

Custom Options

We can make flags to your specifications including custom designs, sizes, or finishes. Contact us for a quote.


Printed flags are made from knitted polyester, a light fabric which flies well in light winds.

Fully Sewn flags are made from woven polyester (also known as flag bunting), which is thicker and considered more durable than knitted polyester.

For more detail, visit our Flag Materials page.

Flag Care

To get the most out of your flag, allow it to fly freely and avoid flying it in stormy or windy weather. You can launder your flag to keep it looking fresh. For more detail, visit our Flag Care page.


Unattended damage can quickly accelerate the deterioration of a flag. If your flag becomes frayed or damaged, we can help you decide whether to repair or replace it. Contact us for professional feedback

Recycling and Disposal

When it's time for a replacement, we can recycle your old flags and banners. Learn more here.

If you'd prefer to dispose of your old flag at home, national flag protocol advises the flag should be destroyed privately and in a dignified way, such as being cut into small unrecognisable pieces and disposed of with household rubbish.


The Australian Government has outlined their protocols for flying the Australian flag. We have compiled key information below:

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The Australian Flag has evolved over the years from the Union Flag in 1770, The Union Jack in 1801 through to 1909 when a 7th star was added to the Federation Star, and then in 1953 came the current Australian National flag design which consists of a defaced Blue Ensign. The current national flag is a blue field with a Union Jack in the upper hoist side - also called a canton. Below the Union Jack on the flag is a large seven pointed white star, called the Commonwealth Star. On the fly side there is the Southern Cross consisting of 5 white stars in the shape of the Southern Cross constellation.

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