Australian, Aboriginal and TSI Foyer Display - Fully Sewn

Australian, Aboriginal and TSI Foyer Display
Australian, Aboriginal and TSI Foyer Display
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The fully sewn Foyer Display is Made to Order, dispatch time is around 2-5 business days. 

This foyer display consists of three Indoor Poles and three flags - the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags- these flags are fully sewn flags with the design appliqued on and are 2 yards in size (1830mm x 915mm). Elegant and beautifully finished these indoor flagpoles are handsome pieces to suit any décor. Material used in the base, staff, and finial is selected straight grain hardwood clear of knots, walnut stained and polished.

Single Piece Staff Set with flags - $1375.00 incl GST

Two Piece Staff Set with flags - $1825.00 incl GST (price displayed)

Please note - we can do these in a one, two or three pole option depending on how many flags you would like to display.


-Staves are 32mm diameter, normally 2.4m long to suit modern ceiling heights and a 2-yard flag.

-They can be in a single shaft, or divided with a polished brass ferrule for convenient transport.

-The finial is turned hardwood with opposing sides shaved to form an attractive spear shape.

-The circular base is 400mm diameter 50mm thick standing on three rounded stud feet to sit firm on any surface, and is drilled for one, two, or three staves.

-The optional brass ferrule for the two-piece staff is 32mm diameter, 200mm long and is highly polished and lacquered.

The flags are a sleeve finish, and are able to be slipped over the wooden poles of the display by unscrewing the end piece (finial). The wooden poles are 32mm width and 2.4m in length and slide into a 3 hole hardwood base.

The display requires assembly and includes the following:
- 1 x Australian flag, 1830mm x 915mm(Fully Sewn)
- 1 x Aboriginal flag, 1830mm x 915mm (Fully Sewn)
- 1 x Torres Strait Islander flag, 1830mm x 915mm (Fully Sewn)
- 3 x 2.4m stained wooden poles
- 1 x wooden base

If you have any questions or would like a quote on a custom option, please contact us for a quote.

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