T-Bar Banner Poles

T-Bar Banner Poles

These banner poles present your banner in the most attractive light for static display or hand-held in a parade.

Easy to assemble, easy to pack for transport, and quick and easy to re-assemble, they are made from selected straight grain hardwood clear of knots, walnut stained and polished.

The top bar (top of the T-bar) is fitted with a bolt which screws by hand into a brass plate on top of the carry pole. No tools are required. No parts to get lost. Turned wooden knobs on the top bar complete the ensemble. The carry pole can be supplied in one piece, or divided into two handy transportable lengths fitted with a polished brass ferrule joiner.

These T-bar banner poles can be made to any practical size to suit the banner, most commonly between 800 x 1200mm, and 1200 x 1500mm, with the pole 2.4m tall to suit modern ceilings. The circular base is 400mm dia 50mm thick with three rounded stud feet to sit firm on any floor.

Anti Furl Data Sheet
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T-Bar Banner Data Sheet

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T-Bar Banner Poles are great for static display in small spaces, indoor, home, office, barracks etc and for hand-held parades.