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Flags of All Nations is a one-stop-shop for flagpoles, flags, banners, and after 25 years in the business we have heard pretty much all the questions customers need answers to. We have been asked to solve some really curly problems and it’s always a real pleasure to strike a new one. Ask our advice. It’s free!

Types of Flagpoles Available Today

Budget Poles

6m untapered white powder coated aluminium with the full 6m out of the ground. Can be installed by a handyman with a crowbar, a spade, and a spirit level in about an hour using quick-set concrete mixed in a wheelbarrow. Easy installation instructions are supplied with the pole. Or we can install at a nominal price.
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Indoor Flagpoles

Elegant and beautifully finished, these items are handsome pieces to suit any décor. Materials used in the base, staff, and finial, is selected straight grain hardwood clear of knots, walnut stained and polished. Staves are 32mm dia, normally 2.4m long to suit modern ceiling heights and is well dressed by a 2-yard flag (1830 x 915mm). They can be in a single shaft, or divided with a polished brass ferrule for convenient transport.

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T-Bar Banner Poles

These banner poles present your banner in the most attractive light for static display or hand held in a parade. Easy to assemble, easy to pack for transport, and quick and easy to re-assemble, they are made from selected straight grain hardwood clear of knots, walnut stained and polished.

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