Supporting the FIFA 2023 Women's World Cup

The FIFA Women's World Cup takes one of the top spots in women's sporting events worldwide, and is the most important event in international women's football. Taking place every four years since 1991, 2023 marks a new precedent for the tournament with Australia and New Zealand set to co-host for the first time.

Australian, New Zealander and worldwide fans will have the chance to attend World Cup games at one of the 10 chosen stadiums, which include notable locations like Lang Park in Brisbane, Stadium Australia in Sydney and Eden Park in Auckland. As well as its new locations, this year's Women's World Cup will also host an additional eight competing nations, bringing the total to 32 contestants. New participants will include Ireland, Portugal, Morocco and the Philippines.

Sporting fans around the world will have the exciting opportunity to support their nation's team during the 2023 Women's World Cup. Whether in the stadium, at a pub, or watching at home, celebrating and supporting your team is a key part of any good competition. National flags and Handwavers can be the perfect complement (or alternative) to bright face paints and team jerseys. Our flags are a popular option for sports fans, and for good reason - there is no better feeling than waving your team's flag when they score a goal! Be a part of something bigger by joining a sea of colour with your fellow fans, creating the true crowd atmosphere which makes these events great.

Looking to deck out your space for the event? Flags can offer an impactful solution! Even if you’re watching the games from home, you can contribute to the national spirit that helps drive your team to victory!

The FIFA Women's World Cup serves as a leading pillar of diversity within the sporting world. This event offers a great opportunity to recognise women's role in sports. The expansion of the nations competing in this year’s world cup demonstrates the event’s ongoing growth.

Flags of All Nations are proud to capture the vibrance and excitement of the tournament with Australian made flags, hand crafted here in Queensland. Our role in producing high quality, durable flags allows fans to display their team proudly for years to come. No matter who you support, we offer flags for all 32 nations competing in the Women’s World Cup this year.

If you require an easy and impactful solution for your 2023 Women's World Cup celebrations, now is the time to order. Display your team with pride!

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