Australian, Aboriginal and TSI Foyer Display 1.8m Poles - Wooden Base

Australia, Aboriginal and TSI Flags Foyer Display
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The foyer display consists of three flags - the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, made from Knitted Polyester with the ink showing as a mirror image on the reverse side. 

The flags are a sleeve finish, and are able to be slipped over the wooden poles of the display by unscrewing the end piece (finial).
The wooden poles are 1.8m in length and slide into a 3 hole wooden base.

The display requires assembly and includes the following:
- 1 x Australian flag, 1370mm x 685mm (Knitted Polyester)
- 1 x Aboriginal flag, 1370mm x 685mm (Knitted Polyester)
- 1 x Torres Strait Islander flag, 1370mm x 685mm (Knitted Polyester)
- 3 x 1.8m stained wooden poles
- 1 x wooden base

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