Australian, Aboriginal and TSI Foyer Display 2.4m Poles - Wooden Base

2.4m Foyer Display Wooden Base
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The foyer display consists of three flags - the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, made from Knitted Polyester with the ink showing as a mirror image on the reverse side. 

The flags come with a sleeve, so they can be slipped over the wooden poles by first unscrewing the end piece (finial). The stained timber poles are 2.4m in length and slide into the 3 hole stained timber base.

    The display requires assembly, and includes the following:
  • - 1 of Australian flag 1800 x 900mm (knitted polyester)
  • - 1 of Aboriginal flag 1800 x 900mm (knitted polyester)
  • - 1 of TSI flag 1800 x 900mm (knitted polyester)
  • - 3 of 2.4m stained timber poles (2 piece poles with metal sleeve)
  • - 1 of stained timber base to hold 3 poles

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