How To Rig a Flagpole

How To Rig A Flagpole

Recommended Method

The recommended method is for the halyard to be an endless loop, and the loop long enough to make a secure tie onto the tie-off cleat near the bottom of the pole. The not recommended method is for a flag clip to be spliced onto each end of the halyard which when the flag is attached is long enough for a tie-off loop at the cleat. The problem with this latter method is that if you let go of the upper flag clip the halyard will zip to the top of the pole, and you have to get up there to bring it down, or lower the pole if that’s possible.

With an endless loop there are no mishaps like that, but if the pole is in a very windy location or the pole is on the roof or mounted at an angle, it is advisable to pass one strand of the halyard through the “bridge” of the cleat so that it is always accessible.

Download the Data Sheet which includes Rigging an Endless Loop Halyard

The Not Recommended Method

Step 1. Pass one strand of rope through the top pulley and splice on a flag clip.

Step 2. Make a loop 50cm under the tie-off cleat and back to the spliced flag clip. Cut the rope at this point.

Step 3. Splice on the halyard’s second flag clip, then you can clip the two clips together. You now have a halyard forming an endless loop, and sufficient rope to securely tie off onto the cleat when no flag is attached.

Step 4. Clip on the flag between these two halyard clips. You now have an endless loop which includes the flag, but this time you have excess rope to tie off on the cleat. Tie it off as neatly as you can please.

Warning: Do not let go of the top halyard clip. If you do it may zip up to the top of the pole out of reach.

Final Tip. Pass the halyard around the pole once before tying off tightly to prevent rope noise, whether there is a flag flying or not.