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Complete Halyard Kit

Flags of All Nations sells a range of accessories such as leather carriers, halyard kits and flagpoles.

6m Outdoor Flagpoles are available online from Flags of All Nations and these are powder coated aluminum poles, that stand with the full 6m above the ground once installed. The poles come with finial and a halyard kit ready to rig the pole with your flag of choice (sold separately). These poles can be installed by the home handy man or Flags of All Nations can organise to install it for you, for a fee. Please contact us for installation advice or to organise for us to install it for you. This also depends on location, so be sure to check with us first if you would like it to be installed for you. Otherwise, another suggestion is to organise for a local handyman to install it for you if you are quite a distance from us.

We sell a wide range of flags to fly on your 6m outdoor pole, and these are available online. You can choose from Australian National and State flags, Aboriginal and TSI, and National flags of all countries. If you would like something special made just for you, we are specialists in making custom made flags and can either design the flag for you, or make it from submitted artwork. Please contact us to discuss your options, we would love to help you design something unique!

Our flags are sold separately to our accessories and are finished with a loop at the top and bottom of the flag, to be used with clips to attach and run up a flag pole such as with the halyard kit. We can also make flags with a vertical sleeve finish, which allows them to be slid onto a pole instead of hanging via clips.

In addition, we sell halyard kits which are used to rig a flagpole with, and these kits contain rope, cleats, and sister clips. These kits are for external rigging of the flag and can be purchased separately. These kits are to fit the 6000mm x 60mm diameter poles.

To display your flags as you walk, for example in a parade, we sell leather carrier belts in brown leather. These belts go over the shoulder and sit to the side to allow the flagpole and flag to stream out in front. If you would like further information on these belts, please call us anytime or get in touch via email to discuss. If you are buying a flag to be used with these belts, please advise us at the time of purchase.

The flags are 100% Australian made and come in a fully sewn option, where the flag is made from woven polyester and the design is appliqued on. Alternatively, there is a printed option which is finished on knitted polyester. Clips are included with the flag for your convenience.

We can make flags to your specifications such as a custom design or vertical sleeve finish, please contact us for a quote.